Multiple Teams · UPDATED Basketball and Tournament Schedules

Just as our Fall Schedules constantly changed throughout the season due to COVID-19, every one of our Basketball Schedules have changed to a degree since the schedule was last shared.

Please click the following link for the most updated Basketball Schedules (as of 11/25/2020):  Winter-Sports-Schedule-20-214

Click each link below for the following Basketball Tournaments:

8th Grade Boys Perryville Tournament (Nov. 23/24):  8th Perryville Tournament Nov. 23-24

7th Grade Girls AND Boys Herculaneum Tournament (Nov. 23/24):  7th Herculaneum Basketball Tournament

Varsity Girls Basketball Tournament at Valley Caledonia (Nov. 28-Dec. 4):   NEW GIRLS VALLEY 31ST TOURNAMENT BRACKET

Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament at St. Vincent (Nov. 30-Dec. 4):  St. Vincent Varsity Tournament

JV Boys Basketball Tournament at HOME (Nov. 30-Dec. 3):  JV Boys Basketball Tournament 2020


Please look at the “WINTER Spectator Attendance” article for specifics about attending a Basketball game this Winter.
Good luck this season Bluejay Bballers!!