Coed Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · Abi Chipps- Track Senior

Today we honor Track senior Abi Chipps.  Thank you for everything you have done for the program over the past four years… of luck in everything you do in the future!


Parents:  Jack Chipps and Diana Rystrom

Activities:  4 years on the softball team, 4 years on the track team, 3 years on the basketball team, 4 years in Student Council, 3 years in National Honor Society, 3 years in Leadership and 1 year in band

Future Plans: Attend Indiana State University and playing softball,  Abi is undecided on her major at this time but knows that she wants to coach softball

Favorite Memory:  My Sophomore year at the Grandview Track meet – Dakota Jakoubek ran the first leg of the of the 4 x 200.  However, after the first 100 meters he realized he forgot to grab a baton. Coach Rouggly chewed him out across the entire football field.
Most Embarrassing/Funniest Moment:  False starting and falling on my face my sophomore year at sectionals