Multiple Teams · Updated Winter Schedule & Tournament Schedules

The Winter schedule has some minor changes to it, please click the link below for the most updated schedule.  Also, below is the tournament information for all of our Middle School and High School teams that we are participating in over the next few weeks, click on each link to see the brackets:

Updated Winter Schedule:  Winter-Sports-Schedule-19-202

Nov. 25/26:  JV-Girls-Bball-Tourney-Bracket-20191

Nov. 25/26:  Herky-7th-Grade-Bball-Tournament2

Nov. 25/26:  8th-Grade-Tournament-at-Crystal-City1

Nov. 30-Dec. 5:  30th-Annual-Valley-Basketball-Girls-Bracket1

Dec. 2-5:  JV-Boys-Basketball-Tournament-20191

Dec. 2-6:  Duke-Rolla-Tournament1

Dec. 14, 17, 18:   Cape Central JV Girls Tourney