Blue Jays News · February Musician of the Month

Congratulations to our February Student-Musician of the Month
Jackson Lednick, Sophomore
Q:  What is the best part about being a student at Jefferson High School?
A:   It is a small school, so pretty much everyone knows one another.
Q:  What is the best part about being in Band at Jefferson High School?
A:   The people in it.
Q:  What has been your favorite moment in Band/Choir?
A:   The winter jazz band concert.  Also, the concert we did at Crystal Oaks.
Q:  What instrument do you play?
A:  The Trumpet
Q:  If you could play another instrument, what would it be:
A:  I would play the Percussion.
Q:  What is your favorite food/drink?
A:  Food- Noodles
      Drink- Dr. Pepper